Improvising With Life Lab

Practice it in the Lab.

Play it out loud in life.

Are you ready to play through life?

Do you want to:

PLAY with your life experiences no matter how big, small, exciting or scary?

LEARN dozens of FUN ways to engage and harmonize your mind, body and heart?

ACT out your dreams and conjure fun in a welcoming, supportive group?!

YES, AND yourself and discover how self-love can be a playful, embodied practice in creative expression?

Welcome to the Improvising with Life Lab, a microcosm of life, where we experiment with practices that spark “a-ha”s and insights that we can apply in our rapidly-changing lives. We begin by asking a question that might come up in our lives – a big, open-ended question that we genuinely don’t know the answer to – a question that inspires possibilities and opens wonder.

Questions like…

  • How can I ‘yes, and’ my experience and express creatively?
  • How can I participate and play with anything life tosses my way?
  • How can I learn how to see different situations and people as my allies?
  • How can I know what I can’t control and free my energy for what I CAN control?
  • How can I create fun with patterns, choosing to participate with them or making a new choice?
  • How does my commitment affect what I create?

It’s not the answer that enlightens, but the question.

Eugene Ionesco

Each of these questions begins with an invitation to participate with, nay, celebrate, what IS. It’s the number one rule of improv – YES, this is happening. YES, I just did that. YES, I feel this way. In the words of Gay Hendricks, “The blocks ARE the path”. Anything is fuel for creativity.

There’s lots of energy in your right now experience if you’re willing to play with it. We’ll drop that energy into the Lab and add a catalyst – a theater game or transformational practice. Asking powerful questions and fully participating in your experience leads to the release of immense creative power! These questions are not a mental exercise for tired discussion. The Lab is a welcoming place to practice being present, generating curiosity, connecting and playing… skills that strengthen our relationship with ourselves and others and ramp up our joy.

The best part of all?! You don’t have to play by yourself! You’ll have a community of Lab-mates venturing into the unknown with you. An ensemble of explorers!

Are you ready to befriend your fear and playfully stretch into new possibilities? Does having the resiliency to reinvent yourself in any given moment excite you? YES? Then this community is for you!

The heart of improvisation is transformation.

Viola Spolin

If you’re skeptical that all this magic can happen over the internet on a 2-dimensional screen, I don’t blame you. I was very skeptical. I did NOT want to lead my events online. Then Covid-19 hit the scene and I chose to say, YES, this is happening and focus on taking my creativity online. You can read about my process on my blog.

What I discovered is that there are soooo many creative ways to connect multi-dimensionally through a 2D screen. I realized the most important ingredient is PLAY. Play bridges massive distances. Genuine play adds appreciation and caring to any space. If you’re tired of sitting in front of a screen talking, if you’re tired of communicating as a square box with limited choices, genuine play is the gateway to feeling connected. Stop waiting for things to change. Say YES to right now and let’s see what we can cook up in the Lab!

In this community…

  • Discover and own your unique creativity
  • Learn to meld intention and improvisation
  • Infuse play, wonder and appreciation into your life
  • Improvise with your right now experience
  • Co-create new possibilities with playmates!
  • Practice with ease and let go of perfection
  • Celebrate your dynamic, silly self!

We play for an hour every other week on Thursday mornings at 8:30 AM PST/PDT. Our first meeting is September 10th, 2020. Your investment is only $27/month and you get your FIRST MONTH FREE! Cancel anytime. Click the image below to log in to PayPal and subscribe. A confirmation email will be sent to your PayPal email within 24 hours.