I love joining my creativity with others to co-create something I could never have imagined on my own. Here are current and past projects I’ve collaborated with other geniuses on.

Conscious Living Transformation Circle: Building Resilience Together

Online Hendricks Practice Circle (Winter – Summer 2020)
Big Leap Coach, Kristina Turner, and I are growing a group of explorers who love to practice Hendricks consciousness tools and play through transformation. We envision a circle of unique individuals who commit to expanding their capacity to presence, connect and play, AND who relish belonging to a supportive community. This Circle is for people who are familiar with several Hendricks tools (such as Yes Breath, Looping, Persona Play, Fear Melters®) from experiencing an in-person workshop, coaching or training. If you have questions about whether this circle is a fit for you, or want to energize your intention for the series, sign up for a free Discovery Session with Kristina. Check out our page over at Kristina’s website for more information.

Five Reviving Play Moves To Re-Invigorate Relating

Seattle in-person class series (Spring 2019) It’s easy to watch to fun fade from our relationships. Life can be overwhelming; serious stuff abounds. In this class series, we shared and explored how to change up the action and find satisfaction in our relationships through PLAY! Here are the play moves Big Leap Coach, Kristina Turner, and I explored with a courageous group of players in this five week class:

1.    BEFRIEND the characters who run your stories! Make play-space in your relationship to interview personas you each adopted long ago. Discover what they really want now.

2.   BREATHE and open to wonder. Hmmm…I wonder which opening will be the most fun to explore next.   Hmmm…..I wonder how my defenses want to play with you.

3.   BODIFY what’s going on inside you. Drop the words. Express your thoughts and feelings in sound and movement.

4.   MAKE IT BIGGER! Exaggerate and embrace your own quirks, goofs, fears & desires. (Invite your whole self out to play!)

5.   CHANGE ONE THING. Before the conversation gets seriously dull or repetitive, change up your Pace, Posture, Propensity or Purpose for being in this conversation!

Kristina and I at one of our many Hendricks Institute transformational trainings.