Events and Opportunities to Join the Fun!

New Choice: Life as an invitation to play!
with Big Leap Coaches Dhira & Kristina
Wednesdays, 3:30 – 5:00 PM Pacific Time
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Imagine falling in love with your authentic self

Can you speak your own love language? How would you court yourself? By trying to be perfect? By making sure you fit into every situation? Or, can you appreciate and lavish attention on you-in-this-moment–however you’re showing up—with a sense of humor and play?

Courting your real self is a dance of: 

  • Choosing revealing over concealing
  • Contagious humor and play
  • Befriending your personas (successful and troublesome)
  • Getting curious about your feelings and beliefs
  • Appreciating when someone notices you’re stuck in a role
  • Expressing your essence for the benefit of all

Do you have a self-love team? 

If not, we invite you to connect with a team of players willing to be authentic with you. Genuine self-expression wakes up in the good company of others who see, hear and appreciate your willingness to make refreshing new choices. In our experience, making time and space in your week to play with your team magnetizes a richly authentic life! 

Big Leap Coaches Dhira Brown and Kristina Turner are self-revealed authenticity buffs. Dhira loves to get dramatic with her drama until comedy erupts. Kristina loves to sense and reveal what’s really up with her until she giggles. Both of us are willing to turn ourselves inside out to gain a new perspective on our big desires for change in the world.

We invite you to join New Choice
Land each week in a friendly place where who you are is welcome!
Expand and experience your capacity to receive special attention!
We are calling in a group of six players who want to embrace life as play – no matter what.

The Sweet Spot
Led by a collective of facilitators who weave improv, mindfulness and personal growth for a meaningful, good time!
Tuesdays, 9:00 – 10:00 AM Pacific Time
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The Sweet Spot is a weekly global gathering focused on igniting inspiration, making meaningful connections, and catalyzing playful personal growth. Once you register, each week you’ll join playful experienced online facilitators and a growing group of international participants who, like you, are ready to shift themselves and this world into playing a more beautiful game. Currently, the team of facilitators includes Leif Hansen (founder), Ted DesMaisons, and me (Dhira Brown). Each of us combines the magic of improv and personal discovery in our unique way. I lead the Sweet Spot every 1st Tuesday of the month. I encourage you to join each week for a pick-me-up of play and inspiration. While each meeting will be different and may adapt to whatever group needs emerge for the day, you can expect a basic flow of:
– Introductions & warm-up game
– Large, small and 1 on 1 playful group inter-activities
– Closing comments and debriefing