Would you rather see your experiences as obstacles to work through, or would you rather see them as invitations to play and inspiration for your creativity? If you prefer the latter, then let’s get more acquainted! 

Through the power of saying “Yes, And” and improvising with life, I discovered that I can transmute my problems into playful explorations and new possibilities. I empower people with the means to take the fun leap from “stuck” to play–the key to creating the life you really want!

Improv has been my go-to practice on stage and off, officially, since 2015. Through this journey, I learned how much easier it is to use my whole self to transform my experience through play, rather than struggling to “figure things out” with just my brain. I enjoy applying the fundamental improv principle, Yes, And, to my life. Play with me and I’ll invite you to say YES to what you are creating in your life and to acknowledge yourself as a powerful creator. Then I’ll invite you to wonder, “Hmmm…what’s the AND? How can you improvise with what’s here to create what you really want?”

I’m a certified Hendricks’ Big Leap Coach and facilitator (http://www.hendricks.com) and I’ve also been practicing traditional theater improv since 2015, graduating from Seattle’s Unexpected Productions School of Improv. At Play It Out Loud we engage in practices that promote presence, generate connection and inspire play. Our awakened creativity allows us to collaborate and step into new possibilities together.

I facilitate playgroups and playshops that mix improv exercises and Hendricks transformational tools to engage our whole selves for maximum fun and full expression.

Celebrate what is. Play with the possibilities!

Dhira – Agent of Play, “Yes, And” Coach and Creator of Play It Out Loud