Outwit Zoom Fatigue with 2 Fun Moves

My partner in play and transformation, Kristina Turner, and I made a 6 minute video on how you can transform your online experience from draining to enlivening. Check it out!

I often wondered what people were talking about when they said, “Zoom fatigue.” And then I read more about it. Primarily it has to with two things: 1) It’s more difficult to process body language and facial cues when we can’t experience someone’s full body and when there is a slight delay (lag) and 2) We think there’s a right way to show that we’re paying attention and looks like sitting still and staring.

In an article on IDEAS.TED.COM: “Our feelings and attitudes are largely conveyed by nonverbal signals such as facial expressions, the tone and pitch of the voice, gestures, posture and the distance between the communicators. In a face-to-face meeting, we process these cues largely automatically and we can still listen to the speaker at the same time. But on a video chat, we need to work harder to process nonverbal cues. Paying more attention to these consumes a lot of energy.”

I thought, “Oh, that’s why I’m not experiencing Zoom fatigue all that much. When I’m online, I’m in situations where I’m encouraged to utilize my whole body to express fully, which we call bodifying. Bodifying invites me to shake up my online movements while making it easier for other people to read my body language. I create online spaces that welcome moving freely and experimenting with how we engage with others. So I feel reinvigorated after a period online connecting and playful expression.

Kristina and I invite you to join us in THIS kind of online experience. Together we created the Conscious Living Transformation Circle to give people who love authentic connecting a friendly place to make playful and profound changes in their lives. If you are looking for reliable, weekly support to love yourself and presence, connect and play with others, amid the twin pandemics of COVID-19 and systemic racism, now is the time to join. Our next session begins September 30th and goes for seven weeks (until Nov 11). You can choose between three investment options. Visit our webpage to learn more and to sign up.

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I inspire and empower people to play in ways that create new possibilities in their lives, communities and the world--knowing full well that play is essential for personal transformation and collective evolution. Hendricks Big Leap Coach and creator of Play It Out Loud, I enjoy providing pathways for all to discover how to participate with and play through their life experiences so they can savor each moment, connect with playmates and take inspired action toward their desires.

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