Life’s a game. Are you having fun yet?

Discover how body-centered play can transform your problems into new possibilities with ease and joy. Improvise with your experiences and start living your life through creative expression and empowered choices.

Do you want to?

PLAY through your issues instead of working hard on yourself?

LEARN to improvise your way to creating what you really want?

ACT out your inner experience and conjure fun?!

“YES, AND” yourself and discover how self-loving can be a playful practice in creative expression?

Time to get real.
Resisting your inner experience is the quickest way to nowhere new. Avoiding a feeling, dismissing a sensation, or pushing against an issue only gets you more of the same. You get to stay stuck.

Getting real doesn’t have be serious.
Accepting your feelings, sensations, thoughts and stories doesn’t have to be serious business. It doesn’t have to be WORK. In fact, if you’re used to “working on yourself”, this might come as a shocker. “Working on yourself” often comes with a filter of self-criticism or self-blame. Without coming right out and saying it, the message you convey to yourself is that you’re a fixer-upper project. You’re making yourself wrong for having your experience.

Play is the new work.
You learn faster, you’re more creative and you get a dose of happy chemicals that keep you coming back for more self-discovery. Potent ingredients for changing your life. Unlike the work model, play provides sustainable fuel for transforming your life!

Ways to jump into the game…

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We’re transforming our lives through embodied play and improv. Join others like you, who love self-discovery, to shift from resisting to playing — the key to creating the life you really want!

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New Choice!
Life as an invitation to play

Shift from old habits to playful, new choices weekly! New Choice is an intimate group experience where we weave creative play and body-centered transformation to generate clarity, creativity and connection. Co-led with my playful colleague, Kristina Turner.

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“Yes, And”… Yourself!

Are you fighting with yourself? Improvise your way to self-acceptance, knowing and creativity. These 5 exercises will have you embodying the improv spirit of “Yes, And” and playing with whatever you’re experiencing… right now!

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“The heart of improvisation is transformation.”

Viola Spolin

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Play It Out Loud empowers people with fun ways to shift from being stuck in old patterns to leaping into new choices — the key to enjoying an enlivened and creative life! We engage in games and practices that promote presence, generate connection and fuel play. Together we wake up our creativity and play into new possibilities.

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